Google Express just do not have what Amazon Prime has. Despite that Google continues to try their hands at everything.

Google Express just do not have what Amazon Prime has.

Google Express just do not have what Amazon Prime has. I talked at length about what Google has been doing from Home, Chrome, Android, and more.  Google has been a force competing in any and everything. One area they are trying to build a presence is with Google Express. Partnered with Walmart and other retailers they are trying to challenge Amazon. And with Google Home they can do so with just a command. But are they truly able to compete with what Amazon has?

Amazon has echo Google has Home. Amazon has Prime Google has Google Express. But Google also have Android, Chrome, and Youtube as tools to help push beyond Amazon Prime. Yet despite all of that Google Express do not have what Amazon Prime has. They lack the interface that Amazon have built up. When you order via Amazon and Google Express they are worlds apart. Amazon’s interface looks clean and well thought out. You see what you want and don’t want. You have the option to buy through Amazon or third party. And what really sets them apart is you have the option to sign up for free two day shipping and a discounted one day shipping option.

Google’s Interface looks outdated

Google’s interface looks dated like they are utilizing web programs that are years old. There are no products that Google oversees to make sure it is packaged right and shipped correctly. I ordered several products through Google Express and one box that arrived was barely taped secured and was crushed. I was surprised the contents were not damaged. It was like the person that shipped it could care less. The other box shipped looked much better but that was shipped from Walmart. Compared to Amazon where every box shipped has that Prime packaging taped and is in a pristine box. In the event there is a problem Amazon has a customer care specialist willing to make it right. And rarely has my item not made it to my destination on time when ordered through Amazon.


Can Google Express ever be able to compete with Amazon Prime

I really do not see Google Express being able to compete with Prime. And honestly I don’t think Google cares if it can. Express is just one of the baskets that Google has their eggs in.  Google is not going to spend the needed capital to make Google Express what it needs to be. Meanwhile Amazon is all in with Prime. They are buying planes, companies, and seeking out innovations all centered around Prime. Though AWS (Amazon’s cloud service) continues to be their biggest money maker, Prime is their storefront. Echo, FireTV, Tablets are all designed with the intentions of bringing people to Prime.

Because of the difference of mindsets Google will never be able to compete with Amazon. Google is just working with retailers looking for a way to compete with Prime themselves. Walmart is hoping with the combination of their many store locations and shipping options they can challenge Amazon. Unfortunately it may be too late. Amazon is already moving on to the next step of their plan. Google and retailers are trying to play catch up. Since it do not really matter to Google but means everything to retailers, we will continue to see mediocre performance out of Google Express. This is why Google Express do not have what Amazon Prime has when it come to Prime vs Google Express.

Amazon Prime

Google Express

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