So we now know what the Pixel 4 will look like, but the new look is not enough. Google need to come up off their wallets and give us the phone we fans have been asking for. With the nexus line dead and Google introducing the a line (Pixel 3a/3aXL), fans wanting a cheaper device have something to grab on to. Now it is time for Google to cater to those wanting a flagship killer.

RAM and Internal storage

Google have been behind the power curve with providing phones with the RAM and internal storage that matched what the top phones in the industry were bringing. Even One Plus is starting to lap them now. This needs to stop. Google need to bring the RAM, and I don’t mean just a bump. Fans of the nexus/pixel line have been wanting to see a powerhouse phone out of Google for years. And we unfortunately have been seeing powerhouse phones from everyone but Google. This is where I hope we see a change. I am hoping the minimum will be 8 with the max going to 10-12 GB of RAM. Is that overkill, yup, but give it to us anyway.

And as far as internal storage, cut it with this 32 GB stuff. 32 GB of internal storage is the new mid level phone storage amount. 128 GB should be the new minimum. If One Plus can start at 128 GB, Google can easily do the same. So I am wanting to see the minimum storage start at 128 GB and max out at 256 GB.

IMG_20181027_153952 (1)

Time to get that display right

Quite frankly the last two XL phones (Pixel 2XL and 3XL) displays have been disappointing. This “natural” color nonsense needs to take a back seat. You see what Samsung and Apple is doing, and people are loving it. We are wanting the same. Give us a bright, crisp, gorgeous display that screams flagship. And if you have to 86 LG to do it, so be it. LG failed at their job, so time to give the duties over to Samsung.

Now, for those that really do need the color accuracy to be on point, provide the option in settings. This will satisfy both parties, while giving us a bright display that we can see outdoors. Oh and can we get some of that 90 Hz refresh rate that One Plus has on their OP 7 Pro?


Don’t be short on the battery

Quick charge is an awesome feature, but it would be nice to have a battery go a little longer. The Pixel 3 and 3XL have been experiencing some crazy battery drain. I almost want to attribute this to the software since I complained about having similar issues with my OP 6+. I understand that being at the bleeding edge of getting new software, problems may occur. But having the extra battery size would help mitigate that. Plus for those who can’t get to an outlet for 8-10 hours, it would be nice to have a phone with a bigger battery. So if you don’t mind, please give us a bigger battery.

Be the flagship killer we expect you to be

Google themselves have stated that the Pixel phones are suppose to be able to compete with the iPhone and Galaxy phones. But they have not been doing a good enough job in doing so. Yes, their software is on point. But we are seeing One Plus run a similar stock software, and do a better job at competing with Apple and Samsung. And they are doing it at a cheaper price. Whereas Pixel phones are priced closer to the iPhones and Galaxies and fail to be on their level hardware wise (minus the camera).

There are no excuses now why Google can not put out a flagship that competes. They are a large corporation, and have access to the same (if not more) channels that One Plus have to make their flagship phones. And with Google having a line of phones that are cheaper for those wanting “nexus-like” prices, they now have it. So I am hoping that Google will give us the experience we have been begging for, a Pixel that doesn’t hold back.


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