A few days after the Pixel 4 was leaked, Google gets out in front and shows us the phone.

We started the week trying to make out whether the leaked images from @OnLeaks and @Pricebaba of the Pixel 4 were really legit. We have seen leaks come and go, and being it had a similar look to the iPhone 11, I was taking the leak at a grain of salt. But then Unbox Therapy had a few case mock ups practically confirming the images, and at that point it was seeming like this could very well be the new design.

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 15.35.42.png

Then Google took to Twitter and posted a picture of the Pixel 4. And despite all the tough talk I posted a few days ago, I have to admit I am geeking out. At this point I am already in line to buy this phone. When it come to Google hardware I have to admit to being a straight up fanboy. Will I criticize them if the specs are lacking, yup. But Google has my attention more than any other phone manufacturer, despite it falling behind in the specs department.

Personally I am hoping Google pack this thing with the specs we have been asking for. I personally want Google to offer a 8GB and 10 GB version with 128GB of storage and 256GB. But knowing they own all this cloud storage they are trying to sell, I expect that we could see potentially 4 models, Pixel 4 6GB of RAM model and 64 GB storage, Pixel 4 8GB of RAM 128 GB storage, Pixel 4XL 6GB of RAM 128 GB model, and Pixel 4XL 8 GB of  RAM 128GB model. And I am expecting the maxed out price tag to be $1040.

We will continue to bring you more Pixel 4 news as it breaks.

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