Pixel 3XL may have a LG made OLED panel

The only real complaint about the Pixel 2XL was the screen. Between the blue tint, the color correction, and “ghosting”, Google ended up having to throw in another year of warranty and calm the crowd from bailing out on them. So after all that you would think Google would have called up Samsung and made a deal for their panels.

Well if reports are correct then the Pixel 3XL will be going with the LG OLED panels again. Which has me asking Google “do you even care if you sell phones or are you just happy with a participation trophy?”

OK I will admit that I could be getting over excited about nothing (again). But I just do not get what Google is doing. To be fair we haven’t read any complaints about screen issues with the new LG devices (yet). With that said, I would have thought Google would have learned from last year. The only thing that kept it from being the phone of the year was the LG panel. Had it had the Samsung AMOLED panel it would have been the clear number 1. So I would have thought Google would have rectified this by putting in an early order with Samsung to prevent last year from happening again. To me this would be like Samsung repeating the Note 7 build again with the Note 9. Just as Samsung made it a point to distance themselves from the Note 7 and to make sure the next Note would make up for it. I was hoping Google would have done the same with the Pixel 3 XL.

We will have to see if the reports end up being true. If Google go with the LG panels again do you see the Pixel 3XL having the same issues, post your comments below.


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