It’s back. The award winning, much anticipated, season 8 of Game of Thrones. After being off for a year, did this season opener live up to the hype?

Find out below in my limited spoiler review.

If you saw season 7 you know how it ended, but just in case you forgot you get a recap before the opening song. But after the opening you get an exciting tearful reunion of characters that have been split up since season 1. And they gather together forces and resources for survival. You have these characters that must put aside their differences if they are going to be able defeat the Night King and his army.

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Jon Snow, having suffered several defeats to the White Walkers, tries to convince everyone to lay aside the war for the crown for survival. But this is Game of Thrones, and what is this show without mistrust and backstabbing (both literally and figuratively). And the queen of that, Cersi Lannister, could be gearing up to continue doing what she has been doing since Season 1. Will her actions result in the loss of this war?

And will the revelation of who Jon Snow really is cause alliances to fall?

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I’ve talked about how DC’s Doom Patrol was a show that was too weird for me. Though I said I wouldn’t be keeping up with it, I’ve secretly been continuing to watch the show. Now for the most part, my review of the show stands. But this last episode, “Jane Patrol”, that centered around the character Crazy Jane was a heartfelt episode.

Crazy Jane is a metahuman that has a severe case of split personality disorder. And that disorder manifest in a different person with different powers and abilities. This episode (Jane Patrol) dives into the head of Crazy Jane and explores what led her down the path of developing these split personalities. And you see a character who was molested as a child still struggling with the trauma.

The way that this episode handles the traumatic experience and the aftermath of this character is brilliant. In fact the last part of the episode may even bring you to tears. For a show that is downright weird and chaotic, this is one of the few episodes worth recommending.

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