Ask yourself is your fitness watch causing false hopes.

You wake up in the morning and you are ready to get started. With your gym bag in hand, supplements mixed, and your fitness watch on your wrist, you are now all set to dominate the day. But your fitness watch could be what is holding you back. Ask yourself is your fitness watch causing false hopes.

According to several publications fitness watches are around 80 percent accurate at best. So do not rely on your Fitbit to decide if it’s ok to eat that donut. No matter whether you choose Fitbit, Android Wear (now Wear OS), or Apple Watch the heart rate monitors may cause you to feel you worked harder than what you actually did. The inaccurate information may skew your results.

Though smartwatches may not be as accurate with heart rate monitoring and step tracking (but it is improving) it provides enough information for the average consumer to use as a motivation tool. Change your eating habits, back off of the sugary drinks, and workout regularly. Do not rely on your fitness watch as the sole information for calorie tracking. Lastly, set achievable goals as a checkpoint on your path to success.

The inaccuracy of these fitness watches have led to an ongoing lawsuit. In my pursuit for physical fitness I researched which watch would help me track my calories. After days of research I came away with the answer I was not ready for. Though I do think we will get to a point where these watches are accurate. I now see fitness watches more as jewelry than a fitness tool.

What are your thoughts on fitness watches?

Have you noticed any in accuracies in the fitness watch you have used, if so which watch?



Source: CNN


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