I can’t believe it took this long to get this feature.

Back when the Note 2 was released in Fall of 2012, it was loaded with a number of features both in hardware and software. One of my favorite features was to be able to delay send an email. This was a standard feature of the Samsung email app that was useful for when I needed to send reports for work. I would have the reports typed up and ready to go, but was told that the reports had to be sent in during a certain time frame (not before or after). So I would type it up and schedule that report to send at the required time. Since the Note 2, I have switched back to a stock Google phone and have missed that feature.


Here we are about 7 years later, and finally it is a feature in the Gmail app. Not sure what took Google so long, but I am glad it is here nevertheless. Though I know this may not be something that everyone uses, those that do use the feature notices the convenience it provides. Especially if you are on a different schedule from everyone else and want to reply to an email. Those of us on night shift know that feeling of not wanting to wake folks up by sending an email, but also know that if we wait until later, the email might not get sent. So this is helpful for people like us.

I am not sure when this feature was exactly added, I am just glad it is available. I no longer need to rely on 3rd party apps to do what I was able to do on my Note 2 seven years ago, which is delay send an email.

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