Avoid the lines and some of the hassle with Fandango

Lines, everyone hate them especially now in this current generation. To see a line and be able to skip all the way to the front is not only convenient but give people that status feeling. It’s the “VIP” treatment if you will. Question is it worth the price?

Two of the biggest movies this year I bought my tickets on Fandango, Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War. I knew both movies would have a line at the kiosks and I wasn’t wrong. To be able to bypass the super long kiosk line and go right to the front where I could allow the ticket taker to scan my phone made the process smoother. The idea of being able to avoid the line and get my seat made for enjoying the movie a little more as I was able to avoid the stress of the lines.

For those who use Fandango on the regular you already know but for others it is a convenient little app. Is the convenient fee (of up to $2.50) a rip off, well that is debatable. And Fandango has had its fair share of controversy, especially in regard to advanced ticket sales. Though It has not happened to me yet I know better than to think it can’t given my stint with Moviepass. So I can understand why some would elect to stand in the kiosk and make sure they are getting a ticket to get in the theater.


Fandango or not, online pre-purchases are the way to go

But for others who just hate lines I say the convenient fee is a small price to pay to be able to prepay for a ticket and avoid the lines. During a big event movie you already have enough to deal with. Between traffic, parking, trying to grab your popcorn, one less line to stand in will help you get to your movie that much sooner.

I know people who still do the kiosk buying only to tell me the movie was sold out. The convenient fee to me is a gas saver. Why drive all the way to the theater only to find out all the showings you are wanting to go to are sold out. It’s a waste of time and frustrating. To be able to look down at your phone and choose a showing, click, and know that you are all set just takes the stress out of ticket buying. It’s literally the convenience of technology.


   Have Fandango had issues in the past, yup and I do not doubt they will have it in the future. I can even understand if you as a customer had bad experiences which will lead you to never buy with them again. For you I suggest either the AMC or Regal app. Point is whether you choose Fandango or your favorite theater’s website, the convenience of buying online and bypassing the kiosk line is well worth it.

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