3 heavy hitting smartphones are about to take stage

It’s that time of year again where carrier stores are ready to sign new agreements, we complain about the inefficiency of Google to stock phones, we test for bugs, cry about the cost of phones, and compare which phone is the best.  This is the time your heavy hitters from Samsung, Apple, and Google takes stage. All other phones get a mention, like LG’s V line and any other line of phones, but the reality is it come down to 3.

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Latest iPhone(s) from Apple

Apple fans will gravitate to the new iPhone(s) as they will have a number of options this year. From most expensive to least expensive (what Apple considers budget). But at the end of the day you know it will be good. It’s an iPhone and you come to expect nothing less.

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Google’s 3rd iteration of their Pixel line

For the pure Google fan you are going to get the latest Pixel. The 3rd generation that we expect to be solid. Google now has had 3 years with this, not including all the time they had with the nexus line, so no more excuses. Google wanted to be here, on the same playing field as the iPhone and the Galaxies. So now they are here, and with all that spotlight will come the scrutiny. Apple experienced it with antenna-gate and bend-

gate, Samsung dealt with the firebomb Note 7, and even Google got a small taste of it with the screen issues from last year’s Pixel 2 XL. But now this year has to be different. They need to come out with their best foot forward because we are watching.

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Samsung looks to repeat for best phone of the year with the Note 9

And for the fan wanting a little more than just pure android you have the Note 9. This phone will be feature rich. Possibly the most featured phone on this list, we are going to get with it an all new S-pen with a suite of apps and features to go with it. You will have the best display on the market with Samsung’s AMOLED panel. And with how far forward in performance they have come with the S9 (S9+), people expect no less with this version of the Note. This could easily be the phone of the year for 2018 making it a 2 peat for Samsung, and quite a comeback for the Note line.

It’s almost time

So are you ready for some exciting times ahead as this is what we look forward to in tech. The best devices placed before the public. And we get to choose with our wallets what phone we like best.

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