ESPN was the last thing keeping people attached to big cable.

ESPN was one of the most sought out choice for cord cutters. It was the last thing that kept people attached to big cable. Disney owning ESPN made it so cable companies had to offer a package of ESPN with other Disney channel packages thereby raising the cost of cable. Add in rental fees for the cable box and other fees and it wasn’t surprising people racked up 3 figured cable bills.

Along came SlingTv and people were able to ditch big cable and still have their ESPN. SlingTv had server issues at the start and relied on the ESPN app for customers having issues with ESPN. This would’ve been a great time for ESPN to released their ESPN+ streaming service. This would’ve allowed customers to ditch the middleman and go straight to them.

Unfortunately years later after more streaming companies have surfaced, ie YouTube TV, ESPN+ decided to release their streaming service. With it you got access to many of their channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, as well as their original content 30 for 30. All this for $5 per month, which is a steal for cord cutters. But with YouTube TV offering all your sports with a mixture of news, movie, and kids channels, customers are likely to gravitate to a service like that.

There is still a market

But don’t count this service out yet as it has a market. Your single households that rely soely on Kodi and Netflix may gravitate to this service as a cheap way to add in a sports package. As for me I ended up cancelling my trial subscription as it was unnecessary given I had YouTube TV for my sports content.

But this may be ideal for you if you’re not attached to a streaming service. If you have Kodi, a pair of rabbit ears for local channels, and Netflix, then this addition may be ideal.

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