Is this year’s iPhone taking Apple on a different course, or are they doing the same thing they did last year?

The iPhone 11 will be the equivalent of last year’s iPhone XR, as they are making this the cheaper version. Starting at $700 this will be the phone that they are expecting more to be able to afford. As this is going to be more appealing with several colorful choices in (Product)Red, yellow, green, purple, black, and white.


As far as specs this phone will have a 6.1 inch 1792 x 828 (326 pixels per inch) LCD  HD screen, A13 bionic chip, 2 rear 12 MP cameras (wide and ultra-wide), Face ID, IP 68 rated, and running IOS 13. With internal storage options of 64GB ($700), 128GB ($750), and 256GB ($849).

Where things will be a little different this year is with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, which is the equivalent of last year’s iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Designed to be geared for “the professional” , as they put it, this phone will start off at $1000.

Available in gold, space gray, silver, and midnight green, customers will have 3 storage options in 64GB (11 Pro $1000/ 11 Pro Max $1100), 256GB (11 Pro $1150/ 11 Pro Max $1250), and 512 GB (11 Pro $1350/ 11 Pro Max $1450). As far as specs you are looking at either a 5.8 inch OLED display for the iPhone 11 Pro and 6.8 inch OLED display for the 11 Pro Max. The same A13 Bionic chip that will be available in the iPhone 11, 3 rear cameras (wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto), Face ID, and will have an IP68 rating for splash, water, and dust resistant, and running iOS 13.


Apple has been clearly trying to remove the sense of having a “cheaper” or “budget” phone removing the “r” and just making the stock iPhone the entry-level option at $700. And with the success of the iPhone XR, I expect the entry-level iPhone to be the more popular option.  As far is are they doing something different, they are actually doing the same thing they did last year, except that they decided to add more cameras. Apple just chose to move the names around to make the iPhone seem like it is a reasonably priced phone while being able to justify the higher price choices by adding the “Pro” name to it. Similar to the other devices they added the Pro name to such as the Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro. Basically when it comes to Apple pro means expensive.

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