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   Huawei will be ending their bootloader unlock program starting today. Any person looking to unlock their phone will need to get their codes before the program ends in 60 days.

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    About five years ago this would have caused a riot among the community. But now the reality is the number of people who care about an unlocked bootloader has diminished. I have even moved on from that concern. In fact the only device with an unlocked bootloader is my Nexus 6 running a custom rom. My current phone, Pixel 2XL, is locked and stocked.

I think a reason for the change in concern is for several reasons. First, now that Google is providing an opportunity to play with new beta software through their developer previews, people are able to stay locked and stocked and still enjoy the latest software straight from the source. No need to concern yourself with ADB, getting frustrated if you are having driver issues, or panic after a brick. All you have to do is click that option on Google and the OTA arrives in seconds. And once you are done just opt out and you are back to stock.

The other reason people have moved on is because phones have gotten much better. Whether you choose the Pixel line, Galaxy line, or even some of the other options on the market, you are getting a solid device (few exceptions). Software out of the box is better, hardware great, and features just loaded. No need to overclock or change any voltages because the battery life is all day and the chipsets powerful and efficient.

Last reason is because there are still enough devices out there for those who want to tinker. For myself I love the stock Google software so I don’t need to look for alternatives. All my tinkering is done on an older device. With how much these flagship phones cost I prefer to leave the software to the manufacturers. I just do not have the time to chase down new builds. But for those that want that they can find it on a number of devices such as the One Plus.


   How do you feel about Huawei ending their bootloader program?


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