In my podcast, I talked about an article that talks about Huawei challenging the ban of their products. I have been wanting to stay away from this article because of fear of being too political. Now out of respect for anyone reading this article, I will try and do my best to cover this topic while tip toeing around allowing this too get political.

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To preface this article, I do not consider myself belonging to any party. There are things that political parties have done to both help and hurt on both sides of the aisle. I look at each point individually and make my choice based on the research I have done. If anyone was to try and guess my allegiances they would find that I would likely surprise them. There are some issues I see one way, others I see another, but am willing to always hear someone out and willing to look at a point from another angle. That is the closest I hope to ever get on politics ever again on my site.

So I read this article by Ars Technica about Huawei arguing their ban is unconstitutional. And I just had to do a double take. Huawei is in a country that censors and controls everything their citizens can do, hear, or buy, yet they are trying to take advantage of the (American) legal system to benefit them.

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My personal feel about the trade agreement has been that I feel it has always been one way. America is a great country with a lot of flaws. Flaws we are continuing to work on. But one of the areas that this nation has right is in its free market. There are countless stories of people going from a few dollars in their pockets to becoming wealthy. And this was done because they gambled on an idea that went big. At the same time we have seen companies that were at the top at one time closing their doors, all because the same market that made them rich also moved them out. Our global economy has opened the doors to help a lot of countries innovate some amazing things. We would not have the tech we have now if we did not have the collaborations we see now.

Believe me, I am appreciative and open to allowing a free market economy that is global. If a person (or company) has a great idea that the market loves, then the market should reward them for it. But it should be a market that allows fair trade and competition globally. And not in a way where everyone can benefit fully off of the American economy, but some American companies are limited to their full potential in other countries, because of regulations that slows down their ability to compete.

Look, I am not saying cry for Apple, or any billion dollar company out there. It is clear that they are not hurting for money. And we know that many companies and corporations have willingly chosen to ship their factories over seas so not to have to follow the same environmental regulations, and pay the American wages and benefits required to hire American workers. Instead they pocket all the money saved by having the same product built for pennies across the border, but still charge the same amount or more for the same item.


For the customers who own Huawei devices, they are caught up in a battle that they did not ask to be apart of. And at the price people are paying for phones, I understand their frustrations completely. We have come to depend on companies from around the globe in a mutualistic relationship. One that have opened the doors for a number of people to be able to make something of themselves. And where this ban and trade war is causing heartaches for a number of people. I hope that Americans (as well as people from other companies) can use this conflict as an opportunity to find ways to innovate and create, further showing the spirit that has come to make this free market economy opportunistic.

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