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   I wasn’t a Teen Titans fan at all. It wasn’t that I had anything against it. I just preferred watching the main heroes versus the sidekicks. But then I saw the show Young Justice, and I loved it. Something about the tone of the show just captured my attention. But besides Young Justice, the only other exposure I had with the Teen Titans was the Judas Contract DC Animated movie. So I approached this show not having a bias for the 90s cartoon.

Seeing the early pictures and trailers turned me off this show. It felt like it was trying to be dark just to be dark. From the “F* Batman” trailer, to all of the things I read about the direction of the show, I was preparing for this to straight up suck.

But after watching Episode 1, I have to say it wasn’t bad. I have a lot of questions about the Starfire character, but that may be intentional to keep us glued to the story. And frankly they have me hooked for at least another episode.

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Episode 1 is mainly an introduction to the characters Robin and Raven. It focuses on their stories and the circumstances that brought them into contact with each other. And I feel that it did an alright job of that. And as far as the gore and “F* Batman” part, it really wasn’t that bad. And in context it all made sense.

Would I recommend subscribing to DC Universe for the show?

Eh. Look, I only got a chance to catch one episode, and that one is not enough for me to tell someone to run out and check it out. If you already chose to subscribe because of the DC movies and show, this just add something else to watch. But if you are choosing to hold your money, then continue to do that. There are currently enough DC shows that you can catch on tv to fulfill your appetite. Shows that I would argue are better (ie Black Lightning, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and Gotham).

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