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 OK, I have to admit I didn’t have much hope in this show. But now that I am 3 episodes in, I may give it a chance. I didn’t like that the pitch for the show was how “dark” it was. It is definitely a different kind of show compared to Arrow, Flash, Legends, and Black Lightning. So here are my thoughts on the first 3 episodes.

I was ready to write this show off after the first two episodes because I felt it relied too much on being “dark”, and I didn’t care too much for the jump scares. But after episode 3 I think I am starting to see where they are trying to go with this show.

So far it looks like they will be using events in this show to tie into their other properties. And so far I’m intrigued. It at least did enough to get me to check out another episode. As I really am enjoying seeing the backstory of these characters. I just hope they do not get so caught up in being “dark” that they turn Batman into BvS Batman (the murderous Batman).

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Without spoiling too much, the show so far follows Raven, Starfire, and Nightwing (correction: Robin). All three of these characters find themselves trying to uncover the mystery of Raven; who she is, and the darkness in her that is trying to escape. I do not know enough about Raven and Starfire to determine how well they are paying homage to those characters. But so far they seem to be doing a decent job with the character Robin and his relationship with Batman. We will have to see how I feel about that as the show continues.

Based on the first few episodes I will give the show a C+. It is doing just enough to cause me to want to see more.

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