Last year DC launched Fandome, a way to show off their upcoming projects and an answer to the Pandemic resulting in a number of conventions being canceled. I personally liked what DC did and even hoped something like that would continue to live on. So how did I feel about this year’s version of Fandome? 

This year’s Fandome managed to do much of what they did last year. It showed off all of their upcoming content that would be coming to film, television, animation, and games. But this year felt meh. It felt more like the exciting stuff was being used as a carrot to force people to watch content that they would never have watched or care about otherwise. I wouldn’t have had a problem with that if it wasn’t 4 hours of content with maybe 10 mins worth of interesting content. I get it, what may not be interesting for one may indeed be interesting to someone else. Plus DC wanted a showcase to show all of their content. That way they may bring in new viewers. But 4 hours?

I think this could have been best done if it truly felt like a fan experience in that instead of 4 hours, it is an hour where there are short clips and brief commentary of all the content they are showcasing. Then allow the fans to go to DC’s Fandome site and be able to view more if they wanted. They could even use that to show unique content to fans. 

Black Adam

An example would be if a fan of a particular show sees a snippet of the content during the Fandome live show. The host could invite them to check out a dedicated section of the Fandome website for more content. The fan can be treated to interviews, clips, and special content that may only be experienced there. This way the fan is able to be treated to a unique fan experience. Similar to if they had gone to a comic convention. 

Overall I think DC has the right idea with Fandome. I am loving the fan art and being able to watch interviews from actors, directors, and producers. They just need to clean it up. 4 hours is just too long. 1-hour max with maybe 3 hours of extra content that can be experienced by fans on their own for their own unique experience. Put out the content that will create buzz and everything else quickly move it along. 

What were your thoughts on DC Fandome 2021? 

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