You hear that, that sound of creaking?

That’s the sound of your brand new $1500 phone.

I was wondering why Motorola delayed the Motorola Razr 2020 flip phone. It sounded like they had figured out how to provide a folding phone that could actually be more durable and better constructed than the Galaxy Fold. And with it folding down from portrait mode, it very well seemed like Motorola may have figured it out. But they kept delaying the release and now they are up against the cheaper and (arguably) the better spec’d Galaxy Z Flip. But with them having momentum why would they just not release the phone right before Christmas?

 Well, it looks like one of the reasons for the delay was because of the hinge having a loud creaking in the hinge during opening and closing. Android Central’s Nirave posted on Twitter a retail unit Razor that you can clearly hear crackling and grinding. Now, this could be something that works its way out as it has been worked. But based on the number of times it has been moved back in forth in the video, that could take a while. And who is going to want to wait until they are past their return window to see if the creaking works its way out?

Hopefully, this is just an issue for a small number of devices. I am looking forward to seeing JerryRig tear this apart and truly test the durability of this device. This very well could be a one-off or a sign of other issues to come. Either way, this is a reason to hold off on buying this phone just ye. 

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