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 Youtube Red Original content started off with a few small budget projects. And to be honest I would swipe it away. But it looks as if YT is not ready to abandon this any time soon as more content is being added. The latest trend “Cobra Kai” is starting to gather a following. Now YT is partnering with “Iron-man” himself, Robert Downey Jr. to bring a documentary about artificial intelligence.

It will take more than RDJ to get YT Red Original on the level of Netflix. And Netflix has proven they are willing to spend the money. The reality is I do not think Google is ready to spend Netflix like money on original content to compete with Netflix. And maybe in being cheap Google may carve out a niche for themselves as Youtube has become the place for content creators. YT Red Original can be the place for a new generation of movies and shows created by average people versus studios. Opening up an avenue for fresh ideas and the evolution of the way we consume our media.

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