If the Pixel 4 camera end up being underwhelming, would you pass on the phone?

After years of underwhelming cameras on the Nexus, Pixel finally found its phone that not only provided fans an awesome camera but dominated the industry. And as a result, people have come to associate the Pixel phones with having great cameras. Despite not having the specs to justify being priced on the level of the Galaxies and the iPhones, Google was able to point to awesome camera experience.

But several beta testers have pointed to the underwhelming camera performance on the Pixel 4 and now the latest article on 9 to 5 Google has me concerned. Could Google botch the one (and only) thing it has been doing right in these phones?

First, I know that these Pixel 4 are running pre-release software and Google can correct this upon release. But playing devil’s advocate, and preparing for if Google really does drop a phone with underwhelming camera performance, this to me would be a huge letdown. And frankly a concern I spoke of in my podcast. That being Google dropping the ball again with a big phone release.

We still have a few more weeks before this phone drops for us to buy in the states, so Google can still get this right. But for me, Google must put out a stellar camera performance to keep me confidently recommending this phone.

I am starting to get really nervous about selling my One Plus 7 Pro to prepare for the new Pixel.

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