Could Google launching a mid range Pixel phone be the answer to us finally getting a flagship Pixel that is worth getting excited about?

I have been adamant about Pixel phones failing to meet the standards of a flagship from the standpoint of hardware (minus the camera). But with the introduction of a mid range Pixel for customers to gravitate to, and to provide a device that is more easily affordable, this could mean a (future) Pixel that spares no expense when it come to hardware.

There are rumors swirling around about a Pixel (4) that could have the hardware design similar to the S10 and S10+. Though I am holding on to hope that could be the design, part of me feel that could just be that of a concept design that is just catching waves. But I say that it would be a nice change of pace if we could get a phone with that design, backed by the hardware power of devices like the Samsungs and One Plus (more Ram in the range of 8GB minimum). Add with that a brighter display, than that of the Pixel 3 XL, and we could be looking at the 2019 phone of the year.

We still have ways to go to see if this design made its way to the factory table. And if the trend from last year continues, the leaks will be making its way to us within the weeks.

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