Superhero fatigue

The thought that I would have fatigue of superhero movies would’ve never crossed my mind. I was so excited that the next couple of years would be filled with movies and TV shows based on some of my favorite hero properties. But as I watch a YouTube channel post their most anticipated movie of 2022 I just felt a sense of fatigue of the properties. 

This year we will be seeing a number of sequels to many beloved priorities along with a new Batman movie. And we are not even talking about all the Disney plus shows and Amazon shows. This is promising to be a year of riches for comic book fans. And though I’m not a comic book fan, I do love the movies and animations. So why the fatigue?

It feels like the case of getting stuffed with so much of your favorite food to the point of becoming ill. And literally right now the thought of all these shows and movies just made me feel, eh. It could be the result of me just feeling a need for a break or just my poor choice of watching the last Spider-Man movie twice back to back. 

Before you ask, that was a case of a Fandango mix up on my part where I bought tickets early but it didn’t show up on my app until late. Either way it was too late to get an exchange and I didn’t want to throw money away. So I decided to throw away my time (ūü§Ē). Yeah, I regretted that moment.

Even without my foolish Fandango mistake, I wouldn’t still felt fatigue. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed all the Disney plus comic book shows and loved all the marvel movies including Spider-Man No Way Home. And I know I’m going to enjoy Batman, being a big fan of Batman. I just see all that’s coming out and feel like they all may be stacking on top of each other with no room to breathe. 

I will likely change my feel as the movies get close to release, but for right now that’s my feeling. Are you getting fatigued with all the movies coming in 2022?

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