One of the things I have been wanting to see for some time was Samsung make a Galaxy Chromebook. After Google’s last failed attempt at making a tablet software, I doubled back and was ready to forego fragmentation just to see someone else take the shot of improving the software. This year it looks like I may have got my wish…….kinda.

So we will indeed be seeing a Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. As shown at CES, and covered by publications such as The Verge, Samsung showed off the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. In all of its awesome red, this Chromebook will give the Pixelbook a run for its money. Packing a 13inch AMOLED display, Intel 10th Gen Core i5 processor, starting at 8 GB of RAM (there is a 16GB model), 128 GB of storage (the 16GB model has 1TB of storage), a fingerprint scanner, two USB type C ports, the famous S Pen, oh and did I mention it will have a 4K display?


Now after reading that I was excited to grab for my wallet until I realized it will be also competing with the Pixelbook in the price department. Starting a $1000 the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is definitely on the high-end level. And with my stance being no Chromebook is worth more than $500, this will have to sit on the shelves. Over time this may drop to a price that I am willing to pay, but for now, I will just have to admire this awesome looking Chromebook. Especially given the fact that, well, it’s a Chromebook. It will not have any special software to fix the issues that keeps a Chromebook from being anything other than a companion device.

For up and close look at this check out a video done by The Verge.




Images courtesy of Samsung

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