I am continuing my series of looking at Chromebook Apps to record a podcast. Today’s app is Speaker Studio. So out of the gate, you are greeted with a lot more options, such as sound effects, the ability to go live and to have your recording get uploaded to various platforms (including Google Podcast). Like BandLab, you only get 15 mins, and it will work with my Macbook Pro set up of my shotgun mic and an audio interface. Unlike BandLab, this saves in an MP3 format, so Audacity will be able to read the file.

Now here is one area to note. When you go to find the file, the file is uploaded to the Speaker Studio Podcast server that is made for you. You will need to send yourself the Podcast link (via email) and download that podcast to edit. So make sure you check that you will allow people to download the podcast. Now once you download it and edit you can go back and delete the podcast.

Out of all the programs so far, this seems to be best geared for a podcast. I really wish I could do longer than 15 mins, but I can easily break that into two parts and connect it later with an editor (ie Final Cut, Audacity, Power Director, etc). The sound effects and option to add in music is a big plus. And if you’re starting out this may ben useful for you.

Note: The video was recorded with my Pixel 3XL, but the audio was all from the Speaker Studio app that was later ran through Audacity to remove any background noises.



I started a series about using a Chromebook to host a Podcast. For many who are stuck in the house during the shutdown, content creating has been one of the things that has helped people pass the time. And if you only have Chromebook, you may be feeling a little left out. In this video I use Speaker Studio to record the audio for this podcast (the video was filmed with my Pixel 3XL) to talk about Madden coming to Stadia.











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