Ces 2019 took place in Las Vegas this past week, where companies showed off products they look to launch in the coming future. Big names like LG, Samsung, Nvidia, Intel, Google, Amazon, and more, showcased their products in front of a large gathering of media personnel. One of the highlights of this event was the TVs shown off by LG and Samsung.



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This (8K TVs) is nothing new, as companies like Samsung and LG have been showing this off for years. But what makes this year special is that we are now able to buy them. Samsung introduced their QLED 8K TVs at CES. With over 3 times more pixels than 4K, and over 30 million pixels, you literally feel like you are right there able to touch the item. And you can be the first to grab this new 8K technology for $5,000 (65 inch version), or $15,000 for the topped out 85 inch model.

Even if you plan on doing like most of us, and waiting for the price to drop, the fascination for this device is intriguing. To see how much better technology can get is mind boggling. Just imagine what 8K movies and sports will look like when the technology catches up around it. Even more people may elect to avoid the game day traffic, concession prices, and (other) headaches of a live game, for staying at home and enjoying a cold beverage, cheap snacks, and free parking. As going to a live game may be less appealing, when you can literally feel like you are there (from your couch).

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Though not available for pre-order yet, LG showed off their own 8K TV. But what stood out most for LG was their rollable TV. This TV was baller. Tucked away in a sound box, one only had to push a button (on a remote) to have this beautiful tv roll out of the box, and extend to become a full screen high definition display. This TV was geared for the minimalist and Show-Off alike, as this took the fold-able displays shown off at last year’s CES, and showed us where it could go this year.

Several other items were shown off at CES, such as new chips by Nvidia and Intel, smart devices, and more. But the TVs stuck out to me because this mean the prices of 4K TVs are about to drop. But also seeing how this technology will continue to push innovation going forward. Though it will be awhile before we start seeing any 8K content, you know companies like Netflix are already working on it.

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