I wanted to know if I could capture video from my Stadia gameplay without having my phone on a tripod pointing at the TV. So I asked people on the Stadia Discord and a few gaming discords I was on and they all pointed to using a capture card. I checked out some reviews and recommendations and afterwards decided to pick up an Elgato HD60 S from Best Buy. So how did all this turn out, well I am about to tell you so stay tuned?

I actually purchased the Avermedia Portable 2 from the Best Buy website but after watching a review of it decided to swap it out in-store with the Elgato. So after getting it home and plugging it in, I noticed a blank screen. And after further research, I found several people experienced and actually wrote about a similar issue.  And many believe the blank screen to be because of HDCP.

If you do not know what HDCP is, it stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. Basically a protocol by Intel to protect copyrighted content so people do not use capture cards to broadcast something like a live sports broadcast to Youtube.

So because of HDCP, likely, being the issue I was unable to use my capture card to capture Stadia content played on my Chromecast. I am able to capture the content if I played it on a computer or laptop, just not the Chromecast. Now Google was supposed to have addressed those concerns with Crowd Play, but they are still working on that feature with no current update of its progress for users.

So for those looking to capture content via the Chromecast, currently I am not finding an easy way to do so. Now a couple of people did suggest I pick up an Aluratek HDCP splitter from Amazon, and when I get that shipped to me I will update this issue.


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