Some of my favorite Youtubers have argued against the case, and while I respect their points, I have to ask can an average phone user afford not to put a case on their phones?

Cellphone prices are steadily climbing, especially for big name phones. With the average (flagship) smartphone going as high as $900, and your top brands going as high as $1500, phones have become an expensive toy/tool. So a broken phone just hurts that much more. Now you can buy an insurance plan to cover drops. But you will have to pay a deductible, which is more money, on top of the cost for the plan. And if you do not use it, that is $50+ dollars that the insurance company pockets. This mean customers can pay up to $1800 for phone and the repair just to keep the phone “naked”.

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The reality is that drops WILL happen. Whether it is because it fell out of your hand, someone bumped into you, or the kid was playing with it, it in inevitable that the phone will be dropped at one point. And we all have seen the phone that has suffered that fate.


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You can buy a decent cellphone case off of Amazon for $5-$10, and a decent glass screen protector for $20 more. There is no need to go fancy with the case as a basic TPU case will provide the basic protection you may need. Now if you work in an industrial area, or you regularly hand your phone to a child, an Otterbox will provide a little more protection.

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Another benefit of keeping your phone “cased” up and a glass screen protector on it, is that it will increase the resale value. If you are a person who like to buy a phone once a year. A case and screen protector will help keep your phone looking like new. And this could be a difference in $100 or more when you list your phone for purchase. Top brand phones, like iPhones, can sale as high as $500 or more on sites like Swappa. That money could help ease the sting of these $1000 smartphones.

To “case” or “not to case” is a decision that is reserved for the consumer. And there are several arguments for why a case may not be necessary. You as a consumer have to ask yourself whether you can afford not to put a case on it.

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