Over the years we have seen our smartphone take a drastic change from what some were use to. Yes in many ways we are getting tech some of us could not even imagine when holding our Motorola Droids back in 2009 and 2010.

As we are seeing more improvement in display quality, cameras, speed, and overall usability, we are also seeing changes that are quite different from that “Droid Does” commercial. It seems like all the things that we complained about why android was better than the iPhone, removable batteries and expandable storage, Android is now adopting.

So in this series I am going to talk about those changes, and if it is something that I can do without.

Today we are going to talk about the removable battery.

One of the complaints that people had about some phones, ie HTC, was the insufficient battery life. But thanks to it being removable one could just order a larger battery or an extra battery to swap it out with. And with the issue going on with Apple dropping the performance of their phones to account for the drop in battery performance, having a removable battery would save for a lot of headaches. Unfortunately the con to removable batteries is the lack of waterproofing.

The question is if given a choice would consumers prefer a high IP rated water resistance or the ability to swap their own batteries?

For myself I have been able to get over the fact that my phone had a non removable battery. With Android software on the Pixel phones getting better and updated often, I found that I can easily get through an entire day on a single charge. Then add in fast charging to help get through those longer days, and I find that battery life is the least of my concern. In fact as long as battery life continues to improve for the better I will not miss the days of the removable battery. So for me I would choose the higher IP rating over a removable battery.


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