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I was listening to the latest Droid-Life show when they started talking about the One Plus 6 and that got me thinking about some things. The upper end One Plus 6 comes with a Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, 3300mAh battery, 6.28 AMOLED, and goes for slightly under $700. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has 6GB of Ram but the Note 9 will likely have 8GB of Ram as well. So if the Pixel 3 XL do not match the specs of the Note 9 or the One Plus 6 and yet still cost $900 at release, is it time to pass on this phone?

I’ve been slightly irritated with Google for holding back in the last few phones. With the original Pixel they failed to include water resistance despite both the latest iPhone and Samsung phones including the feature. And yet they managed to charge a similar price as the iPhone and Galaxy with the Pixel looking dated with their bezels. On the Pixel 2XL they chose to go with the LG display that was not on the same playing field as Samsung’s. Between the blue tint and the washed out look the Pixel 2XL left fans in frustration.

So now that we are coming up on the Pixel 3 XL rumored to continue with the LG display, I do not think the market will react well to another high end Pixel not leading or on par with the iPhone and Note 9. So hopefully Google pull out all the stops on the latest Pixel 3XL.

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