What would happen if the world’s greatest detective met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Based on the crossover comic written 3 years ago, this animated adaption answers the question of what would happen if you brought Batman and the Ninja Turtles into each other’s worlds. This is literally every kids dream, especially those who were fans of both the Ninja Turtles cartoon and Batman TAS back in the 90s. So do this crossover live up to the hype?

First let me start off with my first gripe and complaint. After seeing the last few DC animated movies, I come to expect a certain art form and when I did not see it, I was a little thrown back. The animation here is more reminiscent of a combination between Batman Animal Instinct and The Batman. So for me I would have wished for a more modern look as far as Batman and the Bat suit. But once you get past the animation this is basically 90 mins worth of fan service.

Because it is animation you tend to forgive some of the silliness that lends itself to this movie. And you just follow this movie geeking out at just the interaction between Batman and the Turtles.

Batman vs Shredder, the Turtles vs Batman’s rouges gallery, fans of both properties will enjoy seeing all the interactions. And despite some of the silliness of the story, this movie do have a little blood and violence that fans will appreciate. Especially those who are fans of the Eastman and Lairds comics. In fact I would say that these turtles are a combination of all of the turtles, lending itself to the violence and the goofiness of the different iterations over the years. And personally I appreciated that.

The plot, as outlined by Google Play, has Batman investigating the mysterious theft of Wayne tech by a bunch of ninjas. During the investigation he stumbles upon the Ninja Turtles. How will these turtles fair against the world’s greatest detectives, and one of the best martial artists in the DC universe.

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Overall I say this is where it deserves to be, straight to DVD. This is one of those movies you check out just for nostalgic sake. It literally is like being back in the toy box combining your ninja turtle toys with your batman toys. So to have that come to animation will be appealing to a certain audience. And I really think they will enjoy it overall. For everyone else, it will be a rental at best. If you are not invested in the characters or have any clue about either Batman or the Turtles, then you’re not going to be able to fully appreciate the story. In fact it will seem like craziness to you.

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