If you want to ball then you need to step your game up

Unbox Therapy showed a video of an iPhone X and Apple watch that was dipped in 24K Gold. At $3500 it is not a phone (and watch) for the faint at heart and makes the current iPhone X price seem reasonable. But if you are wanting to ball on folks, step your game up and snag the pair. You will definitely be the talk of the event.

Special edition phones are not anything new. Companies have been putting out special edition android phones for years. But what makes the gold plated iPhone different is that not only is the phone nice to look at but can easily be a daily driver. The android phones of the past were under spec’d and running outdated software.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 4.04.30 PM

One expensive drop

My only concern about this phone is how to protect it. If you put a case on it you cheapen the feel and the look. But failure to protect the phone could lead to once expensive drop. And with the iPhone being both fragile and expensive to repair, special edition phones will not look good with shattered glass.

This phone is obviously for the business tycoon wanting to flash their wealth or as a show piece during a big event by a known celebrity. Despite the phone being a daily driver, this phone and watch is put away for special occasions. And not too many people have the money to pay for a $2,000 phone and a $1,300 that only gets used and worn on special occasions. You can bet that even they will do their best to make sure that phone is cradled to avoid drops.

Would you buy this phone and watch if you had the money?

24K Gold Plated iPhone

24K Gold Plated Apple Watch

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