One of the ways I like to start my morning is by checking up on the financials, particularly the financial channel. And one of the guests on the show, “Squawk on the Street” suggested that we needed tech to provide business a way to detect a person with the coronavirus at the door. And this had me asking would anyone really be down for that?

So the benefits of a machine checking people’s health at the door are they can potentially prevent an outbreak and protect both their employees and their customers. One of the underlying drag to the economy is the fear of the virus. People are seeing the numbers and this is going to keep people on the sidelines until they feel safe. So if customers know that they can go into a store or business and not worry about getting sick their confidence will increase along with potential spending.

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Here are the negatives to a business having a machine to check a person’s health.

The first thing would be the costs. Mom and pops businesses are not going to be able to afford a machine like that, especially when it is first put out on the market. So not having said machine could actually hurt a lot of the small businesses.

The second concern will be if customers would even go for that. They may see it as tech overstepping into an area that violates their personal space. And with customers, the embarrassment of being turned away may be enough to cause them to swear off said business. This could be a step in the wrong direction from brick and mortars, as it is trying to win back business from online retailers.

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Right now everyone is just looking for answers because we are ready to get back out and enjoy life. Businesses want to open back up, people are ready to go back to work, we are just waiting for the green light. The green light telling us it is safe. What safe may look like is still being determined for us by the experts. But if I may provide some words of encouragement, we still do not have a vaccine for SARs and that is not a concern for us now. So we may not necessarily need a vaccine to get back to our lives in the COVID-19 era.


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