About 7 years ago Samsung and Google launched the sequel to the Nexus S. This phone would pair the future hardware titan for android with Google for an awesome device. Launching with Ice Cream Sandwich, Google Wallet (now Google Pay), and Face Unlock, fans were waiting for this phone.

Unfortunately the poor LTE radios doomed this phone to where both Google and Samsung would deny responsibility for the device. But since then we have seen both Google and Samsung make great strides. As stated above, Samsung is arguably the most sought after android manufacturer rivaling Apple in smartphone sales. Google for two years in a row was voted one of the best cameras in a smartphone paired with the smoothest android experience in a phone.

What holds Samsung back for some fans is their skin and slow updates. And what hold Pixel phones back seems to be the hardware. So my thought is maybe a second edition to the Galaxy Nexus is due. Except this time done right. Modeled after the latest Galaxy Note or Galaxy S+ phone with two front facing speakers and the software left to Google and we may have the greatest phone yet.

What are the chances we could see another Galaxy Nexus in the future?

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