The Note 7 will forever go down as the phone that was not allowed on planes. For months flight attendants had to make the announcement that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not allowed on the aircraft or allowed to be powered on. For Samsung that was not the kind of publicity, they had hoped for when engineering the Note 7. But now Samsung will not be alone with this “honor”.

Thanks to a recall by Apple for their Mac Book Pro having batteries that can cause a fire risk, particularly the 15-inch model sold from 9/2015 – 2/2017, airlines are banning those laptops from being able to fly. The four airlines banning the laptop from their aircraft are TUI Group Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Air Italy, and Air Transat. The response from the US is simply stating that recalled batteries that can pose a fire risk are banned, and the FAA has made airlines aware of this ban.

Apple says they will replace these batteries for free by going into an Apple retail store or mailing it into Apple support. So if you have this model Mac Book Pro, make sure you get that battery replaced.



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