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Apple is moving on from Intel time you did too

Intel has been on a downslope and as a result Apple is moving on from Intel. Apple has moved on from Intel and now it may be time for you.

Intel is a renowned chip maker known for the processors found in both Mac and PCs. As of late Intel seems to have hit a wall as mobile chips are outperforming them. This has led to Apple to look in house for creating chips for their Macbooks and Mac computers. By 2020 Apple will supply the chips for their computers, tablets, and phones. Keeping the chips in house will benefit Apple in several ways. For one they will be able to control every aspect of hardware and software to ensure complete control of the experience. They will also be able to save money and invest in other projects.

Since the past few years Intel have failed to truly advance their technology. Intel is starting to get by on name. A few years ago Intel was trying to branch into the phone division. Despite the promises they were not able to win the hearts of phone manufacturers. Choosing to go with either Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Exynos (Samsung exclusive), Android manufacturers have chosen to look past Intel. Apple started making their own phone chips since taking the task from Samsung a few years ago. Proving successful it is understandable why they would feel confident in doing the same for their computers.

What is left for Intel

Apple leaving the fold is cause for alarm but not panic. There are still many PC makers that rely on the chipmaker. Intel will still be able to keep in business and even remain profitable without Apple. But they will need to find a way to advance. At the rate technology continues to advance, Intel will find themselves being replaced by another company. With the continued push for mobile computing, battery life, efficiency, and performance Intel will have to make chips that can meet those demands. Chromebooks and iPads are becoming the new staple of home computing. As more desktop programs become android and iPhone apps, computers of old will begin to phase out. And if Intel do not find a way to adapt more companies will turn from them. As a consumer we may soon be looking at another chipset to lead the charge.


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