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   It’s official, on September 12 Apple unveiled to the world the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone Xr. So now that we have seen the iPhone(s) where does that put Apple in the race?

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   First let’s start with the specs of each of these phones, beginning with the iPhone Xs and Xs Max.


   Powering the phone will be Apple’s A12 Bionic chipset. A 7 nm chipset that will provide an even faster experience than what is found in the iPhone X. For everyday users, that mean apps will open faster, games rendered smoother, faster Face ID, all while still maintaining similar battery life that is on the iPhone X.


   As far as displays, Apple is sticking with the OLED for both the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Super Retina OLED is what they are calling it. This display will pack 458 ppi for both the  Xs (5.8 in, 2436 x 1125, 2.7 million pixels) and Xs Max (6.5 in, 2688 x 1242, 3.3 million pixels). For those wanting more than numbers, you are talking about one awesome high definition display. Movies and games are going to look awesome on this thing.


   Cameras, well you know Apple got you. Two 12 MP cameras with smart HDR (like Google, Apple will use software to improve photo quality). One wide angle lens and the other with a telephoto lens. Plus a faster sensor to provide better detail and to improve low light photos (reducing noise).


   Other features include IP68 water resistance, faster wireless charging, Animojis, Dual SIM and e SIM, all surrounded by the gorgeous all display screen with an upgraded speaker system. And you can get both the Xs and Xs Max in gold, space gray, and silver. The starting price, $999 for the Xs and $1099 for the Xs Max.


   The iPhone Xr will be the third option. What separates it from the other two, other than the price, is it will come with a 6.1 in (1792 x 828, 326 ppi) LCD display. That means the resolution will not be near as high and there will be a little more bezel. The Xr will keep the same wide angle lens camera as the Xs and Xs Max but will exclude the telephoto lens camera. It will be IP 67, versus IP 68, and it will not have 3D Touch.


   But it will come in more color options such as coral, blue, yellow, white, black, and (Product) Red. This will be the phone that may get the most attention because of the starting price of $749. People who are alright with giving up the high def display on the iPhone Xs (and Xs Max), will gain in color options and money left in their pockets.


   Overall I give Apple kudos. Though I am not liking that a person could end up paying $1500 ($1449) for their highest priced iPhone, they provided Apple fans a solid set of devices. Unlike Google (potentially), they actually added some changes to the previous year’s phones. And they have something for everyone. The person who want the biggest and baddest have the iPhone Xs Max. But for the person wanting something a little more affordable, they have the iPhone Xr. And unlike Samsung, Apple actually updates their phones.


   How do you feel about the new iPhones?



Photos courtesy of Apple.


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