Pricebaba and Onleaks decided to start the week by dropping more Pixel 4XL images. But these images get you even more of an idea what will me making its way to hands in the Fall

Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 15.52.03

Looking at the image, I must admit I am eh about the look. I don’t necessarily hate it, but I do not love it either. I am basically ok with the design. We will see Google bringing two selfie cameras and 3 rear cameras. But I am personally digging the white power button, if that indeed makes it to the final design.

I am not feeling the rumored specs. 4 years in and for Google to not start with 6GB of Ram is crazy. It would be one thing if they proved they could handle things with 4 GB of Ram. But I can attest to that not being the case with the 3 XL. When I saw that it was rumored Google would have a 4 GB and 6 GB ram version, my first thought was, “Google, you messing with me, right?”

We still have months to go, but a large part of me feel like Google will continue to play stupid, and refuse to put some specs behind this phone. And with both Samsung and One Plus putting out heavily spec’ed android phones, it is getting harder and harder to recommend a flagship Pixel phone. Especially now they may be getting rid of the last thing that made the Pixel stand apart, and that being dual front firing speakers.

Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 15.51.42

We do see that the fingerprint scanner is no longer on the rear. Looks as if we will be seeing either some type of face recognition software, in glass fingerprint, reader, or a mixture of both.

For a phone I get excited about every year, I think I am starting to see that excitement dwindle. Sure, there will always be a level of intrigue when it come to Pixel phones. But I am close to ready to remove the flagship status when it come to describing Pixel phones.

That said, y’all know I am going to be there on opening day to order this phone. So I might as well stop playing.


Source: Big up to Pricebaba and Onleaks for yet again dropping the leaks.

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