If this was baseball then Google would have struck out right now, as it looks like Google will be having to cough up more money for a Class Action Suit. This latest suit have Google having to cough up over 7 million dollars. This thanks to customers with the OG Pixel having documented issues with the audio. This means if you are someone who has had issues you may be entitled to up to $500. This will be the 3rd phone in a row following the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. For those keeping scores that equates to 24.25 million dollars in lawsuits.

Now if you have an OG Pixel you will be eligible for $20 if you did not experience any reported audio issues (or have no documented proof). If you were a person that received a replacement Pixel from Google and had to pay a deductible, they will be refunded the deductible. If you experience audio issues on more that one Pixel you will get $500. Last will be $350 awarded to the person who only experienced audio issues with one Pixel.

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 16.04.34

If you feel like you are eligible then check out this link for further information in the Weeks v Google LLC case.

I know Google is a large corporation but even for them, 24 million is not something to just let slide. I am sure Google hit up the manufacturers of those phones to cough up something for these suits. Google may have approved the final design, but they did not do the actual construction of these devices. And I am sure Google’s legal team had something in place in case this happened.

Despite Google not having to pay all this on their own, at the end of the day they are the companies that will take the black eye for this.




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