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Another way to handle the bezel-less (aka all screen) design.

After Lenovo got the community hyped up and failed to deliver, two other manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to show them how it is done. The first company I talked about a week ago was Vivo with their Vivo Nex phone. And now we will talk about Oppo taking a slightly different approach.

The Oppo Find X is a different take on the bezel-less display. Unlike the Vivo Nex that has the front facing camera extend from a compartment in the frame, the Oppo Find X have a back segment containing the front facing camera that lifts up. Specs wise we are looking at a 6.42 inch 1080P OLED display, Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM, 3730 mAh battery, 256 GB of memory with no SD card slot, 16 MP camera, 630 Adreno GPU, and running Oreo 8.1.

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   Basically this phone have the specs to compete with the top phones in the industry. And Oppo’s take on the bezel-less display is certainly an interesting one. In order for the notch to go away the front facing camera is going to have to go somewhere. And right now Vivo and Oppo are offering up their ideas to the public. Unfortunately it seems as if the community may not be quite sold on the design ideas for the front camera so far. But it will be interesting to see whether the community choose to gravitate more toward the notch design versus the current ideas for the bezel-less phone.

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