Every year we imagine some of the new features we hope Google will include in the latest Android build. We also take the time to guess the name as well, and being we are coming up on Android Q, “Quik” is the only thing I can think of right now.

But while we look at all the sweet things we are hoping to get with Android Q, there may be some bitter features as well. One that is grabbing the attention of the community, is that Google may be looking to cater to the carriers even more.

Carriers could soon have tighter control over the devices that will be able to access their network, as well as the network their devices will have access to. For example, if you bought a Verizon Pixel or Galaxy, Verizon can restrict that device from not only working on a direct competitor’s network (ie Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T), but working on a non contract carrier’s network. So those who bought a device from Verizon and decided it was time to swap to a cheaper carrier, even on a network that may feed off of their (Verizon’s) network, they may find themselves having to buy a new device. So taking your future Galaxy to a carrier like Page Plus, Net10, or Straight Talk, may out of the question.

This further control of a device by a carrier is taking the industry in the wrong direction. I am certain the two companies that will take full advantage of this will be both Verizon and AT&T. With all the customers taking their AT&T phones and mass Exodus-ing to other carriers (like TMO), this will be a way to slow the migration. So instead of just offering better service, the plan can now be to make life even more difficult for the unhappy customer who already paid over $1000 for device and services.



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