We are inching closer to the next major update from Google, as we get a peak at Beta 2 of Android Q. Google dropped the 2nd Beta a few days ago, and the community have been sifting through all the detail of what was added.

The first addition that stood out was Google looking to go more Apple like with gestures. The software that started with four buttons (back, home, recent, and settings), is gearing up to keep only the home button with a series of gestures. Early reviews show this as being buggy, but if One Plus was able to do it, as I have been running a similar feature on my One Plus 6T since last November, then Google should hopefully be able to make this way of navigating through the phone successful.


The second addition is the pop for volume. A similar feature have been native to other android phones for some time now, so it really isn’t a forward thinking addition. That said, it is a welcomed addition to stock android. Basically this allows the ability to choose which volume you want to turn down. And where you once had to go into the settings menu to do this, you will now be able to do it from the screen that you are currently on.

The two feature that I like the most is the ability to now adjust the progress bar for Youtube (or music) in the notification bar and the updated files app. Root Explorer was my goto files manager app for Android, but over the years I pulled away and have been looking for a good replacement for some time. Now it looks like Google will be finally baking an acceptable (and almost good) file manager app into their software.


We still have months before the final version is made available. And in that time Google will continue to add and scrap things before we get to the final build. I look forward to continuing to see what Google will make available for the final build.

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