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   The other day I decided to pick up a Chromebook x2. I was excited about Chrome Tablets ever since they were first talked about earlier this year. As I said in my review the Chromebook x2 makes for an awesome chromebook but a poor tablet. And it is no fault to HP as Google is half-baking it again. I can’t believe I am saying this but maybe Google need to allow manufacturers to be able to skin and tweak Chrome OS tablets. Not to the point they fail to get regular updates like phones but give us a little flare.

So I decided to take it back and pick up an Open Box deal on an iPad Mini 4 128GB model. As I suggested in a previous article I removed all the Apple apps I could and replaced them with the Google equivalent. Once done it literally felt like an android tablet, minus the Google search, widgets, and app setting in the app itself. And frankly it was an awesome experience. Many of the apps I used on Android had their own servers so that I could sign in and pick up where I left off on my iPad. I added my books, media, and was all set to go.

Now the question many would have is do we still have a need for tablets?

To that I say yes. The tablet phenomenon slowed down thanks in large parts to phones like the note that was more pocketable. But where tablets like the iPad mini shine is as an e-reader, note taking device, and as a larger display to enjoy content while on the treadmill or elliptical.

With that said the number of people wanting another device for that has slimmed. And even through you have cheaper options such as the Fire Tab, you are not going to be able to enjoy a better android experience on any other active tablet device than you will an iPad. Amazon blocks many of your Google apps and services despite it being built on top of android. And Samsung has a poor reputation of supporting their device with regular updates.

So for a person wanting a clean smooth running android tablet I have to suggest they look toward Apple. The caveat is no external storage so make sure to buy a 128GB model iPad. But once you get beyond that you will find that until Google get’s their act together and fix Chrome OS Tablet mode, Apple reigns supreme when it come to tablets. So swallow the pride and embrace the fruit.

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