This has been a week of peace it feels like. Apple and Qualcomm squashed their drama to partner in the upcoming 5G battle. And now we may be having the war between Google and Amazon coming to a close.

There was a dispute between Google and Amazon over their streaming services and devices. Amazon would not allow Chrome products on Amazon or Amazon Prime on Google streaming devices, therefore Google responded with blocking Youtube from Fire OS Tablets and Fire Sticks. So users have been having to backdoor those services on their devices.

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 05.44.39

Well according to Chrome Unboxed, looks like all that beef has been squashed. Amazon Fire Tablets and Fire Sticks should now be able to enjoy Youtube (which includes Youtube TV and Youtube Kids soon to follow) without having to root and backdoor the service on to the device. And those of us with Chromecasts and Android TVs can finally enjoy Amazon Prime (something I first noticed after Google Play Movies & TV received an update a few weeks back).

This squabble between tech companies were hurting them as much as it hurt the end users. This kept users from enjoying services that would have increased viewership for both companies. But thankfully both companies have seen the light and were willing to give users the experience they deserved.

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