Since Chromebooks came on to the scene people have been wanting to run Linux on it. Why not Android is practically built around Linux so to have a way to utilize a full open OS just seems right. Unfortunately there were way too many steps that prevented many from wanting to attempt. But thankfully Google stepped in and made it easier to run Linux on Chrome OS devices.

If you have a compatible Chrome OS device you will just have to go to settings, click on the hamburger (aka 3 horizontal lines) on the left, scroll to about os, then look for “detailed build information”. There you will be able to change the channel to developer unstable build. Now this WILL wipe your device clean to factory out of the box settings. But once done you will now have a settings menu to run the Linux beta.

So for those who have been wanting to run the Linux Beta on your chromebooks but held off because of fear of messing up running a long set of steps, you can now test out Linux along side Chrome OS with these simple steps above. There is also a subreddit dedicated to Linux on Chrome OS.

Thanks to Lon.TV for the tutorial. You can check out his channel here.

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