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    Vivo did what Lenovo advertised, they brought us a truly bezeless phone.

No notch and an under glass fingerprint scanner is the future of phones, or is it?

Thanks to seeing it in hand after watching a prominent Youtuber show it off, we got to see some of the challenges with an all glass bezeless display such as the front facing camera. In a world of Instagrams and vlogging the front facing camera is a must for a phone. The better the resolution the happier the customer and we are getting to the point where front facing cameras are able to capture some high definition photos. So having a mechanized front camera may be a turnoff for a lot of people.

For one it is not going to be as fast as the current option of pushing a button and clicking. Now people would have to push the button and wait for the mechanism to raise the camera before a person can push click. And in our impatient generation that is not going to fly. Another concern will be the durability of the camera mechanism. Can it handle drops, will it bind, bend or break, will it get stuck as a result of faulty software, how expensive will it be to fix, these are all the questions that will come with a mechanical front facing camera.

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   I personally like what Vivo has done with the Vivo Nex. It was a bold step forward when other manufacturers were all doing the same thing. They advanced the technology with the under glass fingerprint scanner and bezeless display. We got a full display phone with all display and no notch. This was the kind of advancement I was hoping to see out of Google. But with that said, even if it was made available in the US (which it is not at the time of this article) it would present a lot of challenges. Channels like JerryRigEverything would put that camera mechanism to the test. Testing its durability and likely finding it inferior to the current generation front facing camera. Therefore a design that deserves a standing ovation would still need work to get adopted by the mainstream.

What are your thoughts on the Vivo Nex?

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