Editor’s Note:

We all have been impacted in one way, shape, or form by this Pandemic (the Coronavirus). From the moment it hit our shores we have literally seen the country turned upside down. Stock markets plummeted as investors were preparing for the worse, and the worse was followed swiftly after. More cases popped up, which led to sporting events cancelled, venues shutdown, flights cancelled, and more. Cities are now in lockdown mode and companies forced to lay off as people locked are not buy anything but the essentials. All of us are at the front seat witnessing all of this unfold and it continues to impact not only our nation but the world.

I have personally been displaced, as my company decided to spread out our operation to try and limit the impact should one person get sick. And as a result of just trying to get acclimated to this current landscape tech has been the furthest from my mind. When people are worried about so many other important things I just feel like we have no room to care about the upcoming Pixel, iPhone, or gadget. We just want to get this pandemic under control and people back to work. Once that is done we can then start to worry about the upcoming gadget.

So for the next few weeks I will be trying to navigate my content to try and be sensitive to the current climate. I will be light on talking about upcoming gadgets and maybe focusing on tech and tools that we can use now to help us get through this current situation. My prayers are with each person going through this period and here is to us getting back to normal.

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