This is my favorite time of the year for tech, especially the smartphone landscape. This is what we like to call the beginning of the “leak-y” period as we just see phone leak after phone leak that makes its way on Twitter, Facebook, or some foreign site. But nevertheless, we get a chance to talk about an to react to these leaks. 

Let’s start with the first leak of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. On Twitter, a short video of the phone manage to show off the display and how it looks with the clamshell closed. At first, I thought there was an issue with the display until I saw that it was just an identifier that allows Samsung to track who is beta testing the device so when something like this happens (ie leaking videos on Twitter) they can know who did it and who not to give a device to in the future. 

Looking at the phone it looks, as expected, like a Galaxy S10 with the ability to fold and put in a pocket. Whether or not Samsung has fixed the issues that plagued the Galaxy Fold is still left to be seen. But I am truly looking forward to seeing how this device plays out.

The other phone that we are getting a look at is the One Plus 8 and 8 Pro. Not sure if this technically qualifies as a leak, but according to reports the phones appeared on Amazon’s affiliate page. And it looks like One Plus will be releasing 3 phones in the Spring, a One Plus 8, One Plus 8 Pro, and One Plus 8 Lite. The One Plus 8 is expected to have a 120 Hz display, which will provide a smoother experience. Some may consider this a step back going from a display with no notch in the One Plus 7 to now having a hole punch. But one way they will be moving forward will be with including wireless charging. The One Plus 8 is expected to go on sale after its unveiling at MWC. 

Which are these phones are you most looking forward to, the One Plus 8 or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

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