Inspired by a comment I decided to dig into the potential risks involved with jumping on board 5G. As you know several states have (or will) already rolled out 5G in some test areas. And as the carriers continue to build up the network to support connected device technology (aka Internet of Things), manufacturers are pumping out devices and device ideas in full force. And if you have been paying attention at CES, the technology is proving to be worth wild. But have we considered what it would take to get there?

First in order to build up 5G, towers will have to be all over the place and we are talking about close to a tower for every ten or so houses. This will mean that someone will have a tower either on their house or their property. But with anything tech related we all want the benefit but none of us want the equipment in our backyards. And with municipalities looking to capitalize on the funding that 5G will bring, we may see a fight between the government and the people on where the towers will go and who’s rights will be violated to get those towers up. But with anything as long as it is NIMBY (not in my backyard) we are good. If it is in the backyard of the house across the tracks then “suck it up, it is to advance technology to benefit everyone”. But if it is in our backyard or the backyard of someone who have the money and influence to fight then it is a rights violation, an example of big government treading on the rights of little people.

These are the things we are going to have to consider when rushing this technology to market. How are we going to be able to do so without violating peoples rights?

Another potential issues is the effects that 5G microwaves will have on the human body. Some health professionals are concerned that we could see this cause health issues as more people are exposed to the waves. Similar waves have been said to have been used as a mechanism for crowd control and now we are about to deploy those same waves across the country so that we can power our phones, cars, houses, and other tech gadgets that will make use of the technology. And with all the excitement about 5G raised, potential dollars counted, it may be hard to get the public to slow down long enough to study ways to implement the tech in a safe manner. Unfortunately it may take cancer outbreaks and lawsuits before we actually slow down to make sure the tech is made safe for the public.

I for one am excited about where 5G tech can bring us in the future, but let’s make sure we are doing so in a way that is safe and not intrusive on the rights of people. Besides we haven’t really taken full advantage of LTE yet as LTE speeds in the States are nowhere near what they could be.


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