So the Captain Marvel trailer dropped, and honestly I’m not sure where I stand with it. First of all, I do not know much about the character, and the trailer, overall, didn’t give me enough to help me decide my feelings about the movie one way or another.

But I trust Marvel. They took characters no one (your average movie goers) knew about, and they made some awesome movies. Characters like Groot and Rocket, or Thor. These were characters comic book fans knew that most movie goers hadn’t a clue about. Now characters like Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, and Ant-Man are household names. This is something I believe benefitted Marvel versus DC.

Because of the popular Justice League cartoon, people knew a lot about the DC characters. So it may be a challenge for DC (and Warner Bros) to mess around with the characters and their origins.

Just look at both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, audiences were quick to point out how the movies were apart from the characters they were portraying.

Marvel, on the other hand, have a slight benefit to people not really knowing the characters. They can afford to take risks and change up the stories a little bit, and most people wouldn’t mind (or notice).

Of course this could easily backfire on Marvel as well. But kudos to Marvel for taking the time to build out their universe, and willing to take risks.

Now there were movies that didn’t quite hit the right notes for audiences. Movies like Thor the Dark World or Iron Man 2. But they learned from them and kept improving.

And with the success they had this year, releasing Black Panther to record breaking numbers, and following it up with Infinity War. They are looking to cap it all off next year with the grand finale. And Captain Marvel will be the character to usher it all in.

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